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Sørlandskirken is located at Barbu Park just outside the center of Arendal, and was established in the first part of the 80s. The congregation is associated with the Pentecostal movement.

Sørlandskirken consists of people of all generations and gathers for a service with praise, prayer and inspiring teaching every Friday for the young people at 20:00 and Sunday at 11:30 for the whole family. Friday at At 18:00 it’s Shine junior for 4.-7. classes in the club on the 1st floor. We have a growing and rich Sunday school work for children and tweens.

We value relationships and emphasize good communities, where there is room for everyone to thrive and grow in knowing Jesus and each other. We believe that sharing joys and sorrows, and standing up for each other is important in our church. That is why we gather in small groups every two weeks in the homes. The young people meet in small groups we call LifgGroup.

Sørlandskirken’s dream is that our part of the country will experience God’s love given through Jesus Christ. The good news about Jesus Christ’s grace applies to everyone, and we are passionate that many more will experience Him and become His followers. This is expressed in the congregation’s purpose.

There is a rich worship environment in Sørlandskirken, with skilled musicians and singers. New songs of praise are being born, which we want to facilitate. We value the worship of Our Lord and Savior highly.

Prayer is an important part of Sørlandskirken’s weekly rhythm. In addition to fixed prayer times throughout the week, prayer days and nights are organized regularly.

Sørlandskirken will make Jesus visible to all people, and step by step help each individual to wholeheartedly follow Him!

With us: No one stands alone. Are we being ridiculously generous. Do we build bridges. We pass it on. Dare we. Are we having fun. Give it new chances. Do we see the big in the small.

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